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Branded Canopy Tent's is the premier creator of high-quality banners and tents to fit the marketing needs of any company. With a track record that spans a decade, we print custom pop up tents and canopies for our clients at a reasonable cost. Built with durability in mind, our dye sublimation techniques ensure that the prints we give to our clients keep lasting well into the future. We can even offer personalized branding for your shade covers, making your brand stand out from your competitors. You need custom canopy tents on a crowded expo floor to let the audience know where you are and what you offer. We can make that happen to your specifications.

Our in-house team will produce 3D rendered images of the artwork you upload to us to ensure that it fits the size and shape of your pop up tent or canopy. Our range of lightweight aluminum or heavy-duty steel frames (Lux50MM, Pre40MM, Std30MM) is perfect for any company's advertising or marketing budget. Thanks to consistent engineering and quality, we are proud to say that our custom printed canopies are certified and compliant. Our budget range has full certification from structural engineers and is compliant with CPAI-84, NFPA 701and California Title 19.

We believe a company shouldn't limit itself to the things others are doing. Standing out means being unique, and to that end, we offer our clients several shapes and styles for canopies. Inflatable custom canopies, star shades, and large event tents all fall into what we offer to our clients. A proper display isn't complete with just a pop-up tent, however. You can get a variety of custom-made banners and flags that work well alongside these tents to generate interest and attract visitors to your booth. If you're interested in finding out more about what we offer, give us a call today or order online. Each tent or canopy we manufacture comes with a full warranty.

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Don't Limit Your Creativity - Standard and Custom Pop Up Tent Sizes

full printed custom canopy tent with graphics
10x10 Custom Canopy Tents
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Starts From USD $445.00
Custom canopies with your brand logo
10x15 Custom Canopies
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Starts From USD $600.00
Custom pop up tents with graphics
10x20 Custom Pop Up Tents
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Starts From USD $800.00
2 of 10x20 Frame + Roof + Custom Printed Graphics Included
20x20 Custom Tents
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Starts From USD $3,300.00
Inflatable Tent
Inflatable Canopy Tents
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Starts From USD $1,215.00
Hardware & Accessories
Tent Hardware & Accessories
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Starts From USD $25.00

So many companies are doing the standard pop up tent sizes that it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. Luckily, we offer you custom tents with logo, either with or without vibrant branding. If you want a specific tent size to fit into a space of your choosing, we'll design and construct it for you. We even offer telescopic leg design, giving tents some extra height if you need it. Thanks to the modularity of our tents, you can mix and match or combine them into complex shapes. It's not uncommon for clients to use two or three tends together to make a U-shaped or L-shaped cover.

Don't be limited in your custom pop up tents construction. Instead, use your imagination and look at what would bring the most attention to your display. Custom solutions are what we do best, and we'd be happy to look at what would best suit your needs. Our team also comes with professionally trained graphic artists that can take your initial draft design and perfect it into something stunning. Between your ideas and our support staff, we can build you a promotional tents or canopy that truly represents your business. Let us guide you through the artwork and design stages to create a custom tent that is unmistakably yours.

Options for Personalized Pop Up Tents

Determining what pop up canopy suits your business best is a time-consuming consideration. We hope to simplify this process for you and give you an idea of what we can offer you. As an industry leader in creating pop up tents and canopies, we're best suited to inform you of your options for this type of marketing tool. Accessories are also something to consider, like a carry-bag or a printed tent wall to finish the look of your canopy. Even if we don't have what you want, we'll be able to point you in the right direction to someone who can meet your needs.

Custom Dye Sublimation Printing

Adding custom graphics to a canopy tent or wall requires an expert printing process. Our dye sublimation technique is the best available since the prints can stand up to constant use. Typically, folding and unfolding along with exposure to the elements can lead to wear and tear on graphic images. Dye-sublimation printing removes these issues and gives you a vibrant, colorful appearance that will remain stunning no matter where or how many times you use it. If you take your investment in marketing materials seriously, this is the best option for your business over the long term.

Why Choose Us

To offer our customers the best custom pop up tents on the market,
we follow a few key tenets in our manufacturing, distribution and customer service process.

Guaranteed High Quality

We believe that our clients deserve the best, so we give them the highest quality products every time. If you're not satisfied, neither are we.


We provide the best prices in the industry while remaining true to our production standards, offering only high-quality materials.

Free Shipping

If you order more than $99.00 worth of goods with us, we provide Free Super Saver shipping to your door!

Free Design Proofs

There is no need to wait until you get a test print to see how your design looks. We'll give you a free design proof, so your design comes out looking great the first time around.

Custom Canopy Packages

In the market for a custom canopy design to go along with all the other things, you'd need? We have custom-made canopy packages that would suit your budget and your business!

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Custom Canopy Design

Outdoor Event Inflatables

With modern high-pressure inflatable technology, you can have an outdoor inflatable up and ready to go in a matter of moments. Setups shade and promotional structures that look stunning.

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You've Come to the Right Place If:

  • You want professional, long-lasting tents and canopies from an industry leader.
  • You know how important it is to represent your brand.
  • You need something quickly but don't want to sacrifice quality.
  • You need a tent built for heavy-duty use.
  • Your budget for a professionally crafted, fully branded canopy tent is no less than $600.
  • You prefer professional customer service before and after your purchase.
  • You want a reliable company that'll make things right if they go wrong.
  • You've dealt with the frustration of low-quality materials before.
  • You want to stand out and catch your audience's attention.
  • You believe in American-made products.
  • You prefer quality over price.
  • You want your suppliers to be truthful about their customer service and quality, backed by case studies and real testimonials.
  • You want an event setup that's easy to rebrand and scale up as you grow.
  • You want a company that cares about your concerns and will take the time to answer all your questions.

If you tick all those boxes or if you have any other questions about how a high-quality custom pop up tent can enhance your branding, contact us today!

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