Before Buying Custom Pop-up Tents, There Are 3 Things To Keep In Mind!

Do you desire to be noticed and get some head turned at your next event? You must be looking for a custom pop-up tent! With their distinctive promotional approach and vibrant colors, custom-made tents are popular. These custom-printed pop-up tents perfectly represent your brand the way you want. You can convey your desired message and create your brand image by custom printing your canopy tent for the event.

But wait, yes, custom logo canopy tents are a considerable investment. This is why there are some things you need to keep in mind before purchasing custom branded tents, and these factors will help you determine the best possible option for your custom pop-up tent.

  1. Location Of The Event (Surface, Indoor Or Outdoor)
    The event's location is one of the most important things to be considered when buying a custom logo tent. Is it outdoor or indoor? What kind of surface, grass, ground, or pavement? Depending on these factors, you can choose the best custom tents for the event. If it is an outdoor event, you need to be prepared against any weather conditions like heavy winds. For which you will have to decide the type of weight. This depends on the surface, such as for a grass surface; a ground stake is better. Whereas, for a smooth surface like pavement, sandbags are a better option for your custom printed canopy tent.
  2. How Much Space Do You Have?
    The size of your custom printed pop-up tent depends on the space you have rented for your event. 10 x 10 canopy, 10 x 15 canopy, or 20 x 20 canopy tents can be used for larger areas. Whereas 5 x 5 custom canopy tents are more suitable for smaller spaces. Measure the area of your venue and choose the best size!
  3. Type of accessories you need with your pop-up tent
    Canopy tent accessories are something that can glorify your custom canopy tent even more. For instance, if your event is in the dark, you will need lighting to make it visible and noticeable in the crowd. Along with this, you can also add weight plates or stakes and customized flags and table cloths with your custom printed tent.